About Us

Working together for more than 12 years as the lead estimator and project manager for another area electrical contractor Mark Gatz and Jeff Kiner, both licensed electrical contractors, developed a working relationship and friendship that lead them to breakout on their own, opening Bay Area Electric together as partners in February 2006. Both Gatz and Kiner are active, working owners, handling estimating and project management for the company they proudly started. BAE has assembled a knowledgeable team of professionals educated in the most up-to-date electrical systems. The company is also proud to support the community and is especially committed to job training, actively participating with local schools and providing apprenticing opportunities for young people to learn the electrical trade.

Bay Area Electric is proud to participate and support the following organizations:

  • Electrical Council of Florida (ECF)
  • ABC Apprenticeship Program
  • Gulf Coast Builders Xchange
  • Sarasota Chamber of Commerce